The New Standard
in Transaction Data Analysis

Replicating Compliance personnel activities by machine learning solutions

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

With TRANSPARENTUS GLOBAL solution Financial Institutions can carry out Enhanced Due Diligence hustle-free by automated transaction analysis, so the only decision is made. Reducing up to 70% of your Compliance (AML/KYC) personnel impacts your business.

Connected to your databases

Ensuring the best integration experience from our team

Versatility in Application

The software concentrates to deliver the most important tool for any financial institution - enhanced transaction analysis, replicating personnel activities and data retrieval

Data Science Acceleration

Our unique models and the risk-scoring matrix is here to help manage your risk, get to know your customer better by their activities on the account, and predict their profile for future risk-based screening and monitoring. 

Full Customer Experience Service

for times when current technology set up is no longer cost-effective nor justifies the use of manual labor in carrying out Enhanced Due-Diligence

Unprecedented Analysis. Impeccable Reliability.

In around 70% of Client cases, the transactions tell if the account holder has a high-risk profile or not. Carrying out the Enhanced due-diligence takes a lot of time, especially when it comes to transaction analysis.

According to the Accenture* study, up to 48% of the financial services workforce's tasks could be augmented with technology by 2025 to increase productivity. That is super challenging since half of all the jobs still are manually done.


The day-to-day activities can be handled by a self-learning algorithm that holds no risk of data retrieval, analysis, and providing summarised results within seconds with Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automatisation. 


TRANSPARENTUS GLOBAL is meant for financial institutions with rising demand for new technologies and solutions within the compliance field of Anti-Money Laundering an Know-Your-Customer principles.

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