AML and KYC platform

Stricter and stricter AML rules and requirements from the regulating institutions produce a large burden of responsibilities for the financial institutions and other providers of financial services.
XHEERO is here to help members of the financial markets, with the use of great possibilities provided by modern technologies such as AI using API solutions to;
• Identify main problems in the current AML processes and systems, and find the solutions for identified problems;
• Improve the speed of the customer onboarding, monitoring, and investigations of customer activities without increasing the number of employees engaged in the process;
• Reduce the number of mistakes done in the EDD processes;
• Reduce the cost of the customer EDD for the financial institutions;
• Help the Financial institutions to comply with the international requirements;


We are compliant with obligations across multiple jurisdictions including BSA, EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive & APAC-specific regulations.

All of the services provided by XHEERO are customizable by the customer depending on the services provided, customer risk base, typology of the customers, markets where the services are provided, and other criteria. If you have a problem, we will find a solution.

Innovative solution for payment monitoring and Risk Prediction profile.

AML/KYC PLATFORM preview of summary report

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