Why Choose XHEERO?

01.our approach

To us, it does not just work. We stand out for delivering the solutions that will satisfy you and your Clients. Encouraging us to achieve exceptional service in all endeavors and always looking forward to meeting our own personal high standards.


All details and requirements shall be discussed before we start our partnership in providing services by understanding Business Processes and Needs, Efficiently Plan and Execute Product implementation

03.the codes

We Craft Elegant Solutions with Powerful Technology

Our company works with the following core technologies:

  • PHP, Python, Ruby, Node, Go

  • Laravel, Symfony, Django, Rails, ExpressJS

  • Vue, React, Angular, Ionic

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, CockroachDB, Redis, MongoDB, Neo4J

  • Custom Infrastructure, Google Cloud, AWS

  • Apache Airflow, R Studio

  • JAVA, .NET, Oracle, Firebird/Interbase

  • PostgreSQL, H2, JavaDB

  • Tomcat, Jboss/Wildfly, Glassfish/Payara 


We have set our standard towards the services we provide that error count will not be lower than 99,1% from the total outcome. Each project, either it is small or large, and assigned quality controller who is typically another application developer who has not worked directly on the project will review and give feedback. 

The review before deployment will make ensure the project conforms to all agreed characteristics. In terms of quality, we push ourselves to the maximum potential through internal peer reviews for each project. 


Currently, we have completed 10+ large projects, including e-commerce, websites, software, mobile apps, a different type of platforms. We are continuously expanding our knowledge in order to practice into upcoming projects. 

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